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      Friday 19, December 2014

      WATCH: Actor Will Rush helps the homeless

      WATERLOO Road star, Will Rush has kept the homeless people of Greater Manchester warm and fed this Christmas.


      Rush, gathered hundreds of scarves, hats, gloves, blankets and food with fellow actors, Jody Latham (Shameless) and Luke Roskell (Emmerdale) and sister, Poppy Rush.
      The friends also had a huge donation from Primark, who generously gave over £250 worth of goods to hand out to the people on the streets.

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      Many other clothing items came from friends and family, Rush, said: "Everybody from all walks of life have been interested in helping. Whether it be some kind of present or gift if you like, to give away and that's what it was.


      "We didn't want it to look like 'look at us doing something good and helping the homeless' you know, we all get gifts at Christmas so it's nice to make a 'Christmas come early' day for other people."
      The team plan to donate leftover clothes to hostels and charities in the Greater Manchester area.

      Watch the full interview with Will Rush below.

      By India Greenhalgh