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      Thursday 11, December 2014

      WATCH: Manchester Council cuts could crush female community

      • Manchester City Council set to cut essential community services
      • They announced £60 million worth of cuts for the new year
      • Women's charities protest against the prospective cuts

      MANCHESTER City Council have announced £60 million worth of cuts for 2015/16 meaning services essential to the community could be lost.


      Women's charity, Safety4Sisters, protested against the cuts in St Peter's Square yesterday, in the fear that women's services would undoubtedly suffer.
      This sector normally loses out during austerity measures, with 31% of its funding being lost in just one year.
      The services include refugees for women, and children who are suffering from gender-based violence.
      But what could the potential cuts mean for services like these? Kate Cook, co-founder of Safety4Sisters, explains:

      Besides the protests, the day also marked Human Rights Day, as well as the end of 16 days of action against gender violence from the UN.


      As many as 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and on average, two women a week are killed by current or former partners. But services such as these are in severe danger of suffering from the cuts, meaning their will be less help available to prevent these incidents from happening in the future.
      Gail Heath, CEO of Women's Aid, wants to make people think about the impact that the loss of funding could have for everyone.

      The council cuts could even rise to £91 million by 2016/17 and have the potential to devastate vital services for the whole city.
      The charity is encouraging residents to contact their local councillors to express their concern over the cuts. They have already taken to Twitter to make their views clear.


      By Penny James