21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 13-02-2015 11:47

      WATCH: Manchester's first social space

      THERE'S a brand new social space in the Northern Quarter, it's called Ziferblat and it's Manchester's FIRST pay-as-you-stay coffee hangout.

      The idea is simple - everything is free, except for the time you spend there, because at Ziferblat, time literally is money.

      It costs just 5p a minute, which is indicated by one of the vintage clocks you're handed with upon arrival. From there you can sit back, relax and watch the drinks flow freely as you spend time in Edge Streets new trendy venue.

      Ziferblat (which is Russian for clock face) arrived in the UK last year when it opened in Shoreditch, London, when it emerged it was the countries first ‘pay-as-you-go cafe’.

      Bradley Harris took a look at this sensation. 

      By Bradley Harris