23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 13-02-2015 03:12

      Friday 13, February 2015

      WATCH: Rabbi Arnold Saunders on anti-semitism

      ANTI-Semitic hate crimes across Greater Manchester have risen by 80% according to the community security trust.


      The trust work to safeguard the Jewish community, not just in Manchester but the rest of the country.

      The crimes include a catalogue of horrifying incidents including racial abuse, torment and sickening damage to Jewish graves.

      With this in mind, new figures released include 309 incidents, 233 of them being of an abusive nature, shockingly there were 30 assaults last year and 23 cases of desecrated gravestones.

      Jim Scott spoke to Rabbi Arnold Saunders who represents Higher Crumpsall Synagogue and asked him how the anti-Semitic hate crime is impacting on his community.

      By: Jim Scott