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      Thursday 15, January 2015

      WATCH: Stockport mum cooks 200 Christmas meals for the poor

      A generous mum from Stockport is on a mission to cook 200 Christmas dinners for the poor and elderly people across Greater Manchester.

      Natalie Lek, 35, will cook non-stop from Christmas Eve morning until Christmas afternoon and deliver the hot meals with her small team of helpers.

      The mother of five came up with the idea of making free dinners for the less fortunate last December when she had to spend Christmas without her children for the first time.

      Watch the interview with Natalie and the exclusive footage from her kitchen here:

      Natalie has performed the selfless act for a second time this year and she is planning to reach 500 next Christmas, which means “a bigger kitchen will be needed”.

      She will cook a traditional Christmas dinner – turkey, chicken with stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, mince pies, and cakes.

      Natalie, who is currently studying law at The University of Salford, posted the generous offer on Facebook and received more than 150 requests in a few days.

      She is overwhelmed by the support of local businesses and residents from Stockport who have donated most of the food.


      Natalie did not have many helpers last year when she delivered 70 dinners to people in Accrington.

      Things look different this year, as more than 10 people have promised to help her with cooking and food delivery on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

      Katherine Rowe, 48, a volunteer from South Manchester, said Natalie’s act of kindness would make a big difference to people struggling financially.  

      “Children may not have the big presents, the bikes, the televisions, the playstations, but at least they are going to have a meal on the table.

      “They are going to realise that Christmas is really here. The man with the white beard, the big fat belly and the red coat might not come down the chimney, but he is here in disguise of this little blond lady [Natalie], who is there to bring them what they need.”

      The free dinners will be delivered to the poor, vulnerable and homeless people in Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Marple, and Salford.

      Any food that is left will be given to foodbanks.

      By Emilia Mincheva