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      Friday 12, December 2014

      WATCH: Trafford Council Leader defends £24 million of cuts


      Trafford Council representatives met with residents to attempt to defend £24 million cuts due to hit next year.

      The council are hoping to save £4.7 million from the proposed cuts to children’s services, with eight youth centres and four children’s centres marked for closure.

      Trafford Council Leader Sean Anstee said he wanted to see the voluntary sector delivering services the council will no longer be able to deliver, as part of their “reshaping” project.

      He said services such as environment infrastructure and highways, waste collection, park maintenance and street cleaning, highways, capital expenditure and street lighting were all some of the options that would be privatised.

      Councillor Anstee said Trafford Council were 'a living wage council and that any jobs being transferred to the private sector would remain living wage'.

      Trafford residents were concerned about the cuts, claiming the consultation was nothing more than an attempt to bring the public along after decisions had already been made.

      One resident said: “I think the meeting went as the council wanted it to do, which is they presented their justifications, then got us to talk about what cuts we wanted, when we don’t want cuts. And it’s just like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.”

      Many were critical of the low rate of council tax in Trafford, saying that if the tax was raised by 10% it would generate up to £7 million.

      When Cllr Anstee was asked as to how the cuts would affect he him, he said: “My use of council services is different from other people’s uses of council services. I want to make sure that our parks are clean for example, that they’re kept tidy.”

      Watch the full interview here:

      By Jamie MacKrell