21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 27-03-2015 09:29

      Would-be MP Bez blasts the Budget as a 'sugar coated pill'

      WITH just over one month left Salford's unlikeliest general election candidate Bez is throwing political punches instead of dance moves - blasting the budget.

      The infamous Happy Mondays mascot has just 42 days to try and shake up Labour’s seventy year hold of the Salford and Eccles constituency with his anti-fracking group The Reality Party.

      The maraca player, whose full name is Mark Berry, said last week’s budget was a ‘sugar coated pill’ that served as proof that drastic change is needed.

      The 50-year-old who grew up in Little Hulton, Salford, criticised George Osbourne’s vision of a Northern Powerhouse that would allow Greater Manchester to keep 100% of growth in local business rates as undemocratic.

      Bez said: “The budget proved how undemocratic things are. All the talk of the Northern Power House when we’ve had no referendum and our current mayor is unelected.”


      He added: “The NHS was the missing equation. It’s being treated as a giveaway prize instead of the bedrock of our society- it’s being privatised bit by bit.”

      The reoccurring similarity he says is that there has been no consultation with the people creating a ‘hostile takeover’ of public services.

      He said: “Salford’s coat of arms reads 'The welfare of the people is the highest law' and at the moment corporate companies are the biggest players and the people are not getting a say.”

      Bez, who now works as a DJ, admits that he has a hard fight ahead but says it is not the winning that matters but the fact he is “fighting with all his heart”.

      He entered politics due to his strong stance against fracking and he still hopes that Salford’s Barton Moss fracking site could be repurposed as an area for food production.

      The 2005 Celebrity Big Brother winner has another big fight in Ramsgate where his party- who want to strengthen EU relations - is standing against UKIP’s leader Nigel Farrrage.

      Bez said: “With Labour and Conservative corruption people have lost faith in politics and UKIP has been pushed on them as an alternative, but people aren’t realising their right wing agenda.”

      For more information about The Reality Party visit their website: http://www.realitypartysalford.co.uk/.

      Gabriella Lee