21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 03:19

      Young serial entrepreneur brings craft beer brewery to Manchester

      tweed brewery
      WHILST watching this series of The Apprentice, it’s hard not to feel an element of despair about the future of Britain’s business prospects as we watch another bunch of hapless individuals backstab and smooch their way into the breast pocket of Lord Alan Sugar on a weekly basis.

      But fear not, there is hope, and one of Manchester’s own home grown talent is providing it. Sam Ward, aged twenty two, has launched his own microbrewery in Hyde with the help of his dad Dave and talented brewer Anthony Lewis. Although the company has only been officially launched for a short time, it has been causing quite a stir in the city already.

      “The idea first came to us in a pub, which is quite fitting really,” says Sam. “We were sat round in a circle and were talking about how unimaginative the brewing industry has become. There are not enough exciting and innovating flavours out there and we thought to ourselves, why can’t we be the ones to change that?”

      Sam is no stranger to starting up his own business, in January he opened up his own sweet shop, The Tuck Shop, in Denton and is still running that venture alongside the Tweed Brewery. He wants to encourage more young people to believe in their ideas and try to make something of them.

      “There’s so much help available out there for people who want to set up their own business. If you want to be your own boss you have to have passion for what you do, and that’s what fundamentally the three of us have for the Tweed Brewery, we believe in the product and want to make it a success. Don’t just talk about your ideas; if you believe in them, you can make them a reality.”

      The Tweed Brewery is currently being stocked at Liquorice in King Street and Fab Cafe in Portland Street with many more regional bars and cafes to follow.

      “The response has been overwhelming really,” says dad Dave, “Sam is really into his social media and we found that before we even launched properly people were ordering barrels of our new ale, Winter Tweed, through twitter. We talked about this six months ago and now we’re sat in our own brewery today taking orders and progressing with the business. It’s been a stressful but rewarding process.”

      Winter Tweed, the company’s first ale, is the invention of experienced brewer Anthony Lewis who left his old brewery job to start a business venture with Sam and Dave. “I like to experiment with flavours. The Winter Ale is a dark mahogany ale with a sweet caramel taste.  The ale is made with chocolate and Munich malts and has a very distinctive flavour – exactly what the Tweed Brewery is all about.

      Sam has ambitions to take his business to the American market and recently went on a research trip to New York and Las Vegas.

      “We noticed that in America a lot of women drink ales, a far higher proportion than they do in here, and we also noticed they were lacking in quality British craft ale. There’s definitely a gap in the market there for a more gender neutral, quintessentially English brand of drink. We’re staying focussed on promoting the brand in Manchester for now, but there is definitely an opportunity there for the future.”

      To find out more about the Tweed Brewery follow them on twitter @TweedBrewCo or visit their website at www.tweedbrewing.com

      By Helen Vaudrey